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Programme 2023



World Teams Championship

Worlds Down Under

October 8-15
(Arrival 8
Familiarisation 8-10
Competition 11-14
Departure 15)
World Pairs Championship


Mounted Games Denmark

July 17-23
(Competition 19-22)
World Individuals Championship


Domaine Equestre de la Bonde, France

August 1-5
(Arrival July 30-31 Competition August 1-5 Departure 6)

European Teams and Individuals Championships


Onley Showground

August 8-13
(Arrival August 7
Individuals start
August 8
Teams start August 10
Finish August 13
Departure 14)
Nations Championship

South Africa
Cape Town

December 11-17
Royal Welsh Show Wales July 23-25


Games Lists for all Championships 2023