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Rider Weight Restrictions




Rule : GR2.4. The size, weight and experience of a rider must correspond to the size, build and experience of the pony. If the referee deems a rider to be overweight or unsafe, that rider will be eliminated from the competition. A rider is overweight for a pony if the rider's weight exceeds 20% of the pony's bodyweight.

An automatic calculator has been developed for IMGA by Mats Hensel to make it very easy to check the rider weight limit for your pony. Thank you, Mats.

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In borderline cases the referee will make a decision taking all relevant factors into account.

Ponies over or under their ideal body weight can carry less than ponies with a body condition score
of between 3.5 and 5 based on the Henneke scale.


Riders should not be too tall for their pony.

As a guideline the top of the pony's withers should not be more than 10cm below the level of the rider's horizontally outstretched arm.