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Rules Committee




Composition of the committee

Currently the members are :

  • Jens Martin (Luxembourg, Chairman)
  • Nikki Carter (England)
  • Iain Hopkins (Wales)
  • Brian Kennedy (Northern Ireland)
  • Margaret Welsby (New Zealand)
  • Alun Whitney (Wales)

Contact by e-mail :

The IMGA Chief Referee also acts as an adviser to the Rules Committee but does not participate in their decision-making procedures.

Rule Changes

Rule Change Requests can be made by :

  • International Representatives
  • Members of the Rules Committee
  • The Chief Referee
  • IMGA Certified Referees

For details, refer to the Rules Committee Procedures

Requests should be made in writing and submitted to the IMGA Rules Committee Chairman, using this form.


Current Rule Change Requests waiting or under consideration

If you have any comments or suggestions concerning any of these change requests
please click here to send them to the Rules Committee.

Reference Status Subject
11/12/2018 12/12/2018 2019-01 Accepted Leg Supports
change request form
12/12/2018 11/01/2019 2019-02 Accepted Definition of "genuine attempt"
change request form
15/01/2019 14/02/2019 2019-03 Accepted Definition of "active rider"
change request form
14/02/2019 14/05/2019 2019-04 Accepted "In contact" with pony
change request form
14/05/2016   2019-05 Under
The Start
change request form
    2019-06 Waiting Age limit for ponies
change request form
    2019-07 Waiting Start of the race
change request form
    2019-08 Waiting Crossing the Changeover line
change request form
    2019-09 Waiting New Game - Flag Runners
change request form
    2019-10 Waiting Rein clips
change request form
    2019-11 Waiting Rule Infringements
change request form
    2019-12 Waiting Alcohol Abuse
change request form
    2019-13 Waiting "Unhindered" broken equipment
change request form
    2019-14 Waiting Must burst the balloon(s) whilst mounted
change request form
    2019-15 Waiting Replacing a tyre in Hula Hoop
change request form
    2019-16 Waiting Bottle Swap for teams
change request form


Previous years' Change Requests

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