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WHS/OHS Register / Risk Management




The adoption by IMGA of a WHS/OHS Register and procedures for Risk Management, prepared and presented by Dave Harris, was approved by the International Representatives at the IMGA Annual Meeting in 2017.

The meeting officially adopted the IMGA Risk Appetite Statement - a document which provides a framework for competition organisers to determine the risks involved in this activity. By being aware of the risks they are better able to control them and ensure the safety of ponies and riders.

It was agreed that each country should have a risk management process, demonstrating a commitment to the safety and welfare of riders and ponies during training and competitions.

Dave Harris has produced two documents that can be used or adopted by any country wishing to do so.
The RISK REGISTER details potential risks in mounted games activities and ways of mitigating them.

The original Excel version of the RISK REGISTER can also be downloaded here and be adapted according to member country requirements.

The suggested RISK ASSESSMENT document provides a document that can be used to undertake a full risk assessment before a competition.