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Referees and Assistant Referees


Certified by IMGA



The following Referees are Certified by IMGA

They have attended an IMGA training course for referees and successfully passed the Referees exam, and have been graded
according to the grading system agreed at the IMGA AGM in December 2017.

There are now 4 levels of referees :

Referee Grading System

Level 1 Referees (provisional)

Referees who have qualified through the training procedure.
To be added to the IMGA certified referees list, provisional referees need to achieve 2** Level (Certified).  
2** Star (Certified)
2** Referees are confident and capable of refereeing at local/ regional level at any age group without assistance.  
3*** Star (Championship level) Referee   Referees who have achieved 3*** have capabilities for working in the pressured environment of Championship Finals.
4**** Star (International level) Referee   Referees who regularly referee at National and International finals in all age groups at the highest level.

List of Qualified Referees


List of Assistant Referees